Jeweler Tiffany Is Selling Physical Cryptopunks For 30 ETH

Jeweler Tiffany Is Selling Physical Cryptopunks For 30 ETH

Jeweler Tiffany Is Selling Physical Cryptopunks For 30 ETH

Jeweler Tiffany is selling physical CryptoPunks for 30 ETH each. The limited offer is reserved for original owners of the well-known NFTs. It is not the New York house’s first step into crypto.

Tiffany produces 250 CryptoPunk pendants

Tiffany is a jeweler from New York. 1.7 million users on Twitter follow the famous jewelry manufacturer. A new project is now being presented to them.

For a price of 30 Ethereum per piece – currently, around 46,500 Swiss francs – the owners of the CryptoPunks are offered the opportunity to produce a hand-made image of the respective NFT.

Tiffany, therefore, offers the pieces of jewelry to a clientele that is known for the liberal use of large sums of money. The current minimum price for a CryptoPunk is $120,400.

Over the last few months, many NFT collections have fallen in value – including the legendary CryptoPunks as, the oldest popular collection. Nevertheless, a potential buyer still has to pay six-figure sums. The weekly trading volume of the collection is $5.4 million.

A total of 10,000 distinctive CryptoPunks exist. However, Tiffany does not make any offers to each individual. Only a maximum of 250 trailers will be produced. The sale of the fine jewelry begins on August 5th.

However, buyers get a trailer for not only their money that depicts their digital avatar but also their NFT for them. Tiffany equips the NFTs with the innovative name NFTiff.

New York jewelry maker is increasingly involved in crypto world

The idea goes back to Alexandre Arnault, Vice President of Tiffany. He presented his proposal to the Twitter community in April. After their approval, implementation began.

Arnault decorates his Twitter profile with a CryptoPunk himself and shows in a tweet what a CryptoPunk follower can look like.

The pendants are made of 18k gold and 30 gemstones. It’s not the first time that Tiffany has ventured into the crypto world. In March, the jeweler presented a specially acquired NFT called Okapi.

This is a digital work of art. The peculiar, light blue rocket has since graced the jeweler’s Twitter profile picture.

Tiffany paid the equivalent of 380,000 US dollars for the picture by artist Tom Sachs.

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