Marketplace GameStop Added Gaming NFTs From Immutable X

Marketplace GameStop Added Gaming NFTs From Immutable X

Marketplace GameStop Added Gaming NFTs From Immutable X

  • GameStop adds NFT trading powered by Immutable X
  • Now there are popular projects like Gods Unchained and Illuvium

Video game retailer GameStop has added NFTs created on the Immutable X network to its marketplace, meaning assets from Web3 games will now appear here. Including popular projects Gods Unchained, Illuvium and Guild of Guardians. 

It is already possible to buy and sell land plots, cards and other tokenized assets on the marketplace.

GameStop launched the NFT marketplace back in July. But back then, the platform only traded collectable art tokens. Given that GameStop is a gaming company, the issue of interactive NFTs was only a matter of time.

According to Web Coin Market: Immutable X and GameStop have been working together since February. They created a $100 million grant fund for Web3 game developers. GameStop also invested separately in a fund sponsoring Immutable X-based game developers.

Immutable X is the Ethereum second-layer blockchain. It offers cheaper and faster transactions, which is extremely important for players. Now Immutable has grown to the status of a unicorn.

The GameStop marketplace has already left the beta testing phase. It offers users various bonuses, including 1% cashback on daily trading volumes. This cashback is credited in IMX Immutable tokens. The platform also has a token staking program. The NFT trading fee is 0.2%.

Despite the bonuses, GameStop fails to compete with the top NFT marketplaces. Their trading volume is only $29 million (OpenSea has about $309 million).

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