NFT Game Stepn How To Play And Earn?

Nft Game Stepn How To Play And Earn?

NFT Game Stepn How To Play And Earn?

The STEPN NFT sneakers became a real “boom” at the beginning of 2022, thanks to which people began to earn money just by leaving their homes. This article will analyze the phenomenon of digital sneakers and how to make money from them.

What is STEPN?

STEPN is a modern health and fitness app with a unique Move-To-Earn mechanic. Here, digital sneakers act as NFTs with their own attributes and characteristics, each of which is unique and has its own characteristics when used. The game has its own integrated wallet, which will store GST, GMT, and SOL. Move-To-Earn and other earn-mechanics are that you get a profit for what you do in the real world, not the virtual one. And earnings depend only on your desire to play sports or just go for a walk.

STEPN how to get an activation code and start playing? 

Yes, unfortunately, the game is available only by invitation; without an activation code, you will not be able to use the application. There are several ways to get it:

  • First way: every day at 16:00, 1000 codes are posted in the telegram channel and discord of the STEPN project. However, many people want to, so they are taken apart in a matter of seconds. You need to try to have time to pick up one for yourself and activate it.
  • Second way: get a code from another user. Each user who already plays STEPN has his own activation codes that he can share. They are free and are restored for a certain amount of energy spent in the game. So, if you have friends who already use STEPN, you can ask them to give you the code, but there is also an alternative option – try to catch the coveted numbers from the chat participants of the STEPN telegram channels.

How to get STEPN sneakers?

Without them, this application is nowhere. Now they can be purchased on the Magic Eden marketplace and floor price for this 12 SOL collection. Each NFT in the “About Collection” tab will have descriptions of: 

  • type of sneaker, for example, Runner, Walker, or Jogger, each of them has its own range of permissible movement speed, it is important to observe it, otherwise, the number of tokens received will be reduced;
  • characteristics: LUCK (luck), EFFICIENCY (Efficiency), RESILIENCE (Stability), COMFORT (Comfort), and DURABILITY (Wear).

STEPN how to earn GST and GMT tokens?

GST(Green Satoshi Token) and GMT(Green Metaverse Token) are the main currencies in this app. In order to earn them, you need to complete “runs” in digital sneakers. Your “run” is recorded using GPS, and you receive tokens every minute of your movement. 

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There are 2 modes in the game:

  • Solo: a single-player game in which you earn a GST token, however, as your account is upgraded, namely after reaching level 30, you will no longer receive a GST token in this mode, and it will be replaced by GMT earnings
  • Marathon: competitive mode between users. In these “runs” you get a GMT token. The higher your position in the ranking, the more GMT you will earn. 

Your earnings depend on the attributes of sneakers such as

-Efficiency (number of GST tokens for each energy spent), 

– Luck (Chance of dropping a mysterious box),

– Stability (affects the wear of sneakers),

-Comfort (affects the receipt of GMT tokens). 

As in the real world, sneakers can lose quality while wearing them, so to maintain a good profit, they need to be “repaired” from time to time, paying for it with game tokens, but as a rule, earnings for a “run” cover the costs perfectly for repairs, so the loss of tokens will not be so noticeable.

What other features are there in the game?

  • In addition to buying sneakers on the secondary market, you can create your own completely new ones using the mechanics of crossing two different ones. You can sell these sneakers yourself in the secondary market or use them yourself.
  • Rent out your NFTs to other players using the RNPL(Rent Now Pay Later) system

STEPN has been well received by the community, which gives us great prospects for the future development of Move-To-Earn applications, introducing the community to a healthy lifestyle. And good earnings attract more and more audience, motivating the creators not to stop there and improve the application.

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