Exhibition Of NFT Art In St. Petersburg

Exhibition Of Nft Art In St. Petersburg

Exhibition Of NFT Art In St. Petersburg

Exhibition “Poetry of space. Waypoint” will be the first NFT art exhibition-auction event for St. Petersburg. It is known that the exhibition-auction NFT will be held from April 22 to April 24 in the Third Place public space at 62 Liteiny Prospekt. This event was organized to support young artists in the digital field, as well as to popularize this direction.

The organizers of the event shared:

“The theme of the exhibition will be art as support and support in conditions of instability, as a way to experience and rethink reality, as a safe space and a source of inspiration, an entrance to oneself through the space of a canvas or an exit into a synthesized reality, a statement or an answer to the question of why a person – to the spectator or artist, art.”

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A total of 60 works will be presented . They will be part of the auction. Among the participating artists are such names as Mikhail Liberty, Kirill Reyv, Artem Tkach and others.

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