Oxford City’s Bitcoin Adoption Sets An Example

Oxford City's Bitcoin Adoption Sets An Example

Oxford City’s Bitcoin Adoption Sets An Example

Oxford City, another football club, supports cryptocurrencies. Although the club only plays in the sixth English league, it is a role model for bitcoin adoption.

Oxford City is selling its entire range for bitcoin

Regarding education and science, Oxford is already an internationally renowned name. It looks worse in the football landscape. The best-known club in the English city is third-rate Oxford United.

Oxford City, members of the sixth-rate National League South, are now managing to attract some attention. The association cooperates with the crypto exchange CoinCorner and now offers its followers to purchase almost all goods with Bitcoin.

In addition to payments on the mainnet, fans also have the option of using the Lightning network. The benefit of the offer increases enormously.

Clubs keep selling their tickets for cryptocurrencies, but Oxford City goes further. Drinks and food can also be purchased with the cryptocurrency during a game.

Bitcoin logo adorns English football club

CoinCorner probably plays an important role in establishing the offer. The crypto exchange acts as a sponsor of the football club. It was decided to decorate Oxford City FC’s shirts with the Bitcoin logo. The company’s logo can also be seen in a slightly smaller size.

CoinCorner is also hoping for a growing clientele through the Bitcoin adoption. The Isle of Man-based company could benefit from more than just its trading platform.

With the Bolt Card, CoinCorner also offers a payment card that works like a standard debit card but dispenses with traditional payment methods in favour of Lightning.

Users can swear off fiat money in this way but continue to make contactless payments. The basis, however, is Lightning’s acceptance by the retailer. NFC is used for data transfer.

Danny Scott, managing director of CoinCorner, hopes to start an international trend with the Oxford City FC offers.

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