Arbitrum Team Rolls Out Nitro Update To Testnet

Arbitrum Team Rolls Out Nitro Update To Testnet

Arbitrum Team Rolls Out Nitro Update To Testnet

The developers of Arbitrum ‘s Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution have begun testing the Nitro update, designed to reduce transaction fees and increase throughput. 

If the tests on the Rinkeby testnet are successful, the project team will deploy the update to the leading network within two weeks. 

The WebAssembly Transaction Authentication System (WASM) is at the heart of Nitro. This allows AVM to be configured and compiled using standard programming tools and languages. 

The update also integrates the core of Geth, one of the most popular Ethereum clients, into the solution. It is expected that this will simplify the L2 integration process since developers will not need to optimize various parameters further. 

“Basically, we are now running Geth on the second layer of Ethereum and implementing a WASM-compiled anti-fraud system on the main Geth engine,” the statement said. 

After the update of Nitro, the Anytrust Chains service focused on applications with “special needs” will appear on the leading network of Arbitrum. It will allow them to maintain the necessary level of security and reduce transaction fees.

Arbitrum CEO Steven Goldfeder called Nitro “the best available” Ethereum scaling technology.

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