Buterin Predicts Ethereum 100,000 Tps Throughput

Buterin Predicts Ethereum 100,000 Tps Throughput

Buterin Predicts Ethereum 100,000 Tps Throughput

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin announced at the annual EthCC community conference in Paris that he would achieve 100,000 TPS network bandwidth in the future.

Speaking at the event, Buterin spoke about the upcoming “Merge” (The Merge), during which the blockchain will switch to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, and presented long-term development prospects.

Further updates will include the implementation of sharding and the expansion of Rollups, which will increase network throughput.

“By the end of this roadmap, Ethereum will be a much more scalable system and be able to handle 100,000 TPS,” Buterin said.

Among the most significant future changes, he named:

  • in monetary policy, a further reduction in the annual emission of ETH;
  • in the security model – weak subjectivity (Weak Subjectivity), data availability sampling ( DAS ), access to the history of L2 decisions, updated cryptography;
  • enabling a transaction – EIP-1559, account abstraction, block proposer/creator separation ( PBS ).

Achieving these goals is challenging, Buterin said, because of the complexity of the network and how quickly it changes.

Recall that in July, Ethereum developers tentatively scheduled the implementation of The Merge for September 19, 2022.

In May, team representatives predicted an update in August. Buterin also called this month the most likely time for the transition but allowed the event to be postponed to September-October in case of “potential risks.”


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