MicroStrategy Enters The Lightning Network Space

MicroStrategy Enters The Lightning Network Space

MicroStrategy Enters The Lightning Network Space

  • MicroStrategy is preparing a package of enterprise products based on LN
  • Sailor says Lightning is the biggest technology in the industry right now
  • The company aims to integrate the network to make cryptocurrencies more accessible

Yesterday, on September 4, the Baltic Honeybadger bitcoin conference ended in Riga. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor was among the speakers. During his speech, he stated that the company is considering integrating the Lightning Network.

According to Saylor, MC is working on network-based enterprise solutions for large firms. According to the CEO, the use of the Lightning Network will make bitcoin more accessible.

At the same time, the head of the company noted that LN has become ” the most important thing in the world of technology at the moment .” MC strives to provide such a tool that will make it as simple and fast as possible to realize the benefits of the network for large counterparties.

“We are currently working on several projects. This is a corporate wallet, servers, authentication mechanism. And all this is based on Lightning,” Sailor noted during the conference.

According to the businessman, the network has several advantages. One of them is the ability to use more aggressive development options and high-risk features without universal consent.

So far, the MC initiative is at an early stage. However, the company is already preparing the ground for a Lightning-based corporate crypto wallet. The application is expected to reach an audience of 10 million people.

Despite the company’s massive losses as a result of the depreciation of bitcoin, Sailor still believes in cryptocurrency. And although he stepped down as CEO, he is still actively involved in the work of the firm.

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