DeFi Platform Credix Raises $11 Million

DeFi Platform Credix Raises $11 Million

DeFi Platform Credix Raises $11 Million

Credix, a decentralized cryptocurrency lending platform, received $11.25 million in a Series A funding round. Representatives of the startup, in an interview with The Block, assured us that they plan to expand the organization’s activities in Latin America. This platform, built on the basis of Solana, connects institutional investors with fintech companies in emerging markets.

Organizations such as Capital Group, Victory Park Capital, and ParaFi Capital took part in the round. In addition, the chairman of Itaú Latam, which is part of the region’s largest bank Itau, Ricardo Villela Marino, invested as a private investor. The money raised will also be used to develop a next-generation lending infrastructure that will allow borrowers to access early capital.

Clients will be able to invest through liquidity pools with lower risks in order to have a guaranteed return. Companies will be able to make a profit in stablecoins, which can then be easily converted into local currency for the lending procedure.

Credix CEO Thomas Boner told The Block that his firm is opening up new global markets for debt capital. DeFi technology will enable the most efficient pooling of customer funds using smart contracts that automate transactions. Tokenization of assets will provide increased transparency of the origin of payments.

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