Helium Network Decentralized Hotspot Saves California Crab Fisherman

Helium Network Decentralized Hotspot Saves California Crab Fisherman

A long-range wireless network from the Helium Network (LoRaWAN) project, in conjunction with an industrial Browan tracker, allowed San Francisco resident Jameson Buffmire to minimize the cost of crabbing in the open ocean. Writes about it CoinDesk.

The hobby is costing an IT executive at Browan thousands of dollars in wasted $300 worth of devices. This is due to uncontrolled movement or possible theft of traps.

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With help LoRaWAN and placed inside a floating buoy with industrial waterproof GPS trackers Browan, Buffmire was able to track the situation, being at a distance of about 40 km.

“This is a major shift. To be able to open a smartphone and check the location of something far away and in a completely different environment.”he explained.

A similar combination is applicable in other situations – from coffee shops using LoRaWAN to receive shortage notifications cold brewto stores that track visitor traffic, flood sensors, air quality and water quality.

According to the site Helium Network, there are currently 746,296 Internet access points installed worldwide. In the long run, the network will be able to provide access IoT-devices via 5G.

Recall that in February 2022 the project raised $200 million valued at $1.2 billion. Investors include FTX Ventures, Tiger Global, Andreessen Horowitz, Alameda Research, Ribbit Capital, 10T Holdings, and Multicoin Capital.

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