Market Expert Gives Bullish Forecast For Leading Altcoins

Market Expert Gives Bullish Forecast For Leading Altcoins

Market Expert Gives Bullish Forecast For Leading Altcoins

Popular crypto analyst Mikael van de Poppe spoke about his predictions for several leading altcoins. According to the expert, he is optimistic about Ripple and Litecoin. The specialist predicted a rapid growth in the value of these assets and predicted the dominance of bulls in the market.

According to the analyst, he developed this point of view based on a technical analysis of the altcoin chart. He assured that one key indicator will trigger the next big bull phase in the digital asset markets. Looking at the XRP/BTC pair, van de Poppe noted that the current market position is very reminiscent of the 2014-2017 cycle. He stressed that the chart has shrunk a lot, which could mean a very serious price breakout.

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Since 2009, digital currencies have gone from an incomprehensible tool to a promising investment….

In the case of Litecoin, the expert assured that he sees a protracted bearish trend that should change. He emphasized that now this cryptocurrency is significantly oversold. In addition, several indicators on the chart at once indicate that the rate will break through the resistance level in the near future.

The analyst also assured that he is positive about the value of Syscoin. At the moment, the asset has successfully rebounded from an important support level, which may be a good signal for the bulls.

According to the analyst, the decentralized finance (DeFi) Orion Protocol token chart also looks promising. The current chart shows bearish sentiment, but this cannot go on forever, according to the trader.

Earlier edition informed that Mikael van de Poppe predicted the course of four other altcoins. He assured the public that Cardano and Cosmos will soon increase in value significantly. Among other things, the expert turned his attention to Elrond and SKALE Network.

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