Experts On Profitable Polkadot Network Tokens

Experts On Profitable Polkadot Network Tokens

Experts On Profitable Polkadot Network Tokens

Cryptocurrency experts spoke about the most profitable cryptocurrency projects in the Polkadot (DOT) network over the past week, from July 13 to July 19, 2022. They noted that amid the stabilization of the market in recent days, several startups based on this blockchain showed excellent results for their investors.

The leader of the week was the Offshift cryptocurrency. The value of the XFT token rose by 129.79% in just 7 days, reaching $0.878. At the same time, the total supply of coins stopped at $4.92 million.

The second place in experts’ ratings went to a cryptocurrency called PolkaBridge. The native token of the PBR protocol has risen in price by 91.35% in 7 days and reached the price value of $0.093. The total supply of assets in the market amounted to $4.86 million.

MATH performed well than the more notable ecosystem projects, which became more expensive by 44.7%. Its rate was fixed at $0.2385 as of 10:00 Moscow time, and the capitalization was $27.27 million.

Also, a good result was noted in PARSIQ (PRQ). This token has risen in price to $0.209, which is 42.31% higher than the same indicator a week ago. The total supply of cryptocurrency is $34.57 million.

Cryptocurrency Polkadot itself has shown good returns for investors, according to experts. DOT has become more expensive by 16.26% ($7.61) in 7 days, and its capitalization has grown to $7.47 billion. The virtual asset is on the 11th line of the best digital currencies regarding the total supply of coins on the market.

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