Kenzo Ventures Became A Partner Of Crypto Pirates

Kenzo Ventures Became A Partner Of Crypto Pirates

Kenzo Ventures Became A Partner Of Crypto Pirates

Representatives of the Asian fund Kenzo Ventures said their company had become a partner of the Crypto Pirates game developers. The organization will help finance the project for non-fungible token (NFT) holders and create a game that will be available to gamers from all over the world.

In the new cryptocurrency startup, users can fight monsters in a virtual universe and collect various resources necessary to survive in the digital environment. These artifacts will be needed to continue development in battles with more vigorous opponents.

The developers discussed plans to create a virtual world in a marine style with a pirate theme. Users will be able to earn cryptocurrencies for performing various actions, as well as sell their characters, exchange them and upgrade them. Game pirates will participate in battles with enemies, challenge each other to duels, and much more. For the victory will be awarded, the so-called piastres and trophies.

The management of Kenzo Ventures said that their company specializes in helping young and promising technology projects at an early stage with excellent profit potential for investors. The company will help the crypto startup in marketing and community development.

In terms of game development itself, Kenzo Ventures has several strategic partners that provide web, user interface, graphics and other solutions.

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