Hacker hacked Zeed’s DeFi protocol but didn’t take $1M

Hacker hacked Zeed's DeFi protocol but didn't take $1M

Hacker hacked Zeed’s DeFi protocol but didn’t take $1M

An unknown person exploited a vulnerability in the Zeed DeFi protocol based on BNB Chain, but did not withdraw funds for $1 million.

The hacker issued additional YEED project tokens and sold them on the market. The price of the coin collapsed to zero.

The attacker destroyed the smart contract used in the exploit. As a result, the assets were blocked.

“Interestingly, the attacker did not transfer the received tokens before the contract self-destructed. He was probably too excited, ”BlockSec experts suggested.

Recall that in the first quarter of 2022, crypto projects lost as a result of the actions of hackers and scammers. over $1.22 billion.

Up to 99% of losses are associated with software exploits, including the largest Wormhole and Ronin hacks since the beginning of the year – on $319 million and $625 million respectively.

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