Cure a dog from cancer for bitcoins – “the moon is for us”

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Cure a dog from cancer for bitcoins – “the moon is for us”

How much is a dog’s life worth? A Reddit user under the pseudonym “dojeckahedron” cashed out all his bitcoins to pay for expensive treatment and save his dog from the clutches of cancer.

In a touching Reddit post, a dog owner from the States shared a photo of his dog, Derby. The post said he cashed out all of his bitcoins to pay for “his best friend’s radiation therapy.”

The dogechaedron said they were “grateful” that they had bitcoin to pay for Derby’s radiotherapy. It was enough for his family to use Bitcoin as an investment strategy to pay for things:

“It’s the moon for us, we’re happy with it.”

The family began hoarding bitcoin “at the very beginning of the pandemic.” Back in March 2020, with much of the world locked down at home, many retail investors began to learn about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, including the Dogechaedron:

“I believe we made our first investment in April 2020 and then basically invested our incentives by making a few small purchases during some of the downturns.”

It was previously reported that Americans who invested their incentives in Bitcoin made a profit of $4,500. A comment by Dogechaedron on Reddit revealed that they “doubled” their initial investment using the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

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The Dogechaedron family sadly lost brother Derby to cancer six years ago, so “after weighing all of our options, cashing out bitcoin to pay for treatment was the best way for us to avoid completely depleting our personal savings.”

When asked if they could borrow against their bitcoin for HODL and still pay for the treatment – like one British engineer paid for his mom’s house – Dogechaedron said they “didn’t know that taking out a loan against that was an option” .

He added that getting a loan using bitcoin as collateral is something they would “consider if they knew.”

To the delight of Derby’s parents, the bitcoin Reddit community was not only compassionate enough to share well wishes, but also helped the family top up their Satoshi stack.

Some Reddit users agree that selling bitcoin to save a dog’s life may be an exception. Source: Reddit

The bitcoin address shared by the dog owner in the comments on the subreddit has already received 0.0058 BTC ($200) from both dog lovers and generous bitcoiners.

This is not the first time that crypto strangers on the internet have banded together to support those in need. Cancer patient raised funds via crypto twitter, with crypto donations for Ukraine exceeding $37 million.

Dogechaedron believes that Bitcoin has proven itself not only as an investment tool. It is, he says, a “hobby” that, unfortunately, is “too precarious for us to be comfortable with being our only insurance.”

“In the end, money is just money. Our dog Derby has been our best friend and very loyal companion for over 12 years,” he summed up his feelings.

For those concerned about Derby’s health, he added:

“He is otherwise healthy and his treatment prognosis is very good.”

We wish Derby a speedy recovery.

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