Musk Introduces Paid Verification Of Twitter Accounts

Musk Introduces Paid Verification Of Twitter Accounts

Musk Introduces Paid Verification Of Twitter Accounts

  • Elon Musk announced a change in the mechanism for verifying Twitter accounts.
  • Now the “blue tick” will be paid, from $8 per month
  • Premium users will also get several additional features

According to Web Coin Market: Yesterday, November 1, Elon Musk announced that he intends to revise the current verification system. The coveted “ blue tick ” in the profile name can now be obtained for a modest $8 per month. 

“The current system of dividing Twitter users into masters and plebeians is complete nonsense. Power to the people! Blue check for $8 per month,” said the new head of Twitter. 

What is this icon? 

A ” blue checkmark ” means that a particular account is not only authentic but also active, as well as meaningful. This distinctive badge has some significant advantages:

  • Users see that the account is real;
  • the account acquires a specific weight;
  • “tick ” inspires confidence among potential customers or consumers.

Previously, the verification procedure was complicated and took quite a lot of time. Both an individual and a legal entity were required to provide complete confirmation of the account’s authenticity.

Musk, on the other hand, proposes to simplify the procedure by making the function paid. In this way, the site gets rid of many bots, which at one time almost derailed the billionaire’s deal with Twitter bosses.

Eight dollar lords

Musk also noted that subscription costs would vary by region. In addition to the “ tick,” the new “ lords ” will receive half as much advertising on the site, the ability to upload long audio and video materials, and a high priority in internal search.

The news received mixed reactions on Twitter. Some users support the idea since this will significantly simplify verification and improve the health of the audience of the site.

Others opposed it as the scammers’ accounts would now become more believable. This, in turn, threatens the site with a blow to its reputation.

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