Experts Named The 5 Best Cryptocurrencies For Investors

Experts Named The 5 Best Cryptocurrencies For Investors

Experts Named The 5 Best Cryptocurrencies For Investors

Analysts of the TheNewsCrypto portal spoke about the 5 most promising, in their opinion, cryptocurrency assets shortly. According to experts, these blockchain projects can significantly enrich their investors in the next 2 weeks and are the most reliable on the market. These included: Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Polkadot (DOT), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and FileCoin (FIL).

Experts assured: that after a protracted collapse, the global market began to recover gradually. This also affected the cryptocurrency industry. Previously, along with Bitcoin, the value of all leading altcoins collapsed significantly due to the dominance of bears in the market. However, the recent surge has positively impacted the future scenario. As of August 1, 2022, the cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeds $1 trillion.

Market strategists expressed confidence: some coins and tokens have shown significant price growth and have serious prospects in the short term. According to them, bitcoin is the leading coin and will definitely grow in price.

Binance Coin will also add significantly in value due to the upcoming surge in traders’ crypto market interest. The Polkadot project should finally gain momentum and demonstrate to the public that experts seriously underestimate it. Ethereum Classic may rise in price even more in anticipation of the merger of the Eth 1.0 and Eth 2.0 networks and the increase in the popularity of the latter among both developers and users. Finally, FileCoin is a highly undervalued project whose native token is in the under-purchased zone.

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