What New Blockchain Projects Are Launching This Quarter?

What New Blockchain Projects Are Launching This Quarter?

What New Blockchain Projects Are Launching This Quarter?

We’ll cover a few in this article. First, we’ll discuss Nervos, a cryptocurrency project aiming to make the exchange and store of value systems more interoperable. Its roadmap shows that its main net will be launched in Q4 of this year. It also differentiates between holders and the store of value users, which is vital for its future.

Another interesting blockchain project is Mina Protocol, formerly known as Coda Protocol. The company is backed by more than 40 investors, including Coinbase Ventures, Paradigm, and Three Arrows Capital. The company’s first community-facing token sale generated $18.7 million in four hours. The startup’s CEO, Evan Shapiro, is working on a solution to the problem of hundreds of gigabytes of blockchains. The platform will help the companies trace water back to its source, which can be reused and donated to communities with a shortage.

Many startups are using blockchain to solve real-world problems. One of these is the use of smart contracts to manage healthcare payments. With Smart Contracts, insurance companies can make their transactions more transparent. It’s also possible to make payments via a single platform that uses a decentralized network. But how does a company make a profit off of the system? By combining data from multiple sources, a blockchain can automate the process.

Decentralized Platform

The Mina Protocol was formerly known as Coda Protocol. Its investor list includes three Arrows Capital, Polychain, and Coinbase Ventures. Its first community-facing token sale generated $18.7 million in just four hours. Dogecoin is a meme coin with the Shiba Inu avatar. SpaceX has accepted it and is being tested by many other major companies.

Tencent is developing a decentralized application platform in China. This will allow it to track every regulated car part and feature. Meanwhile, the company is launching 20 in-house blockchain initiatives to help manage its supply chain. In addition, it is testing the use of decentralized apps in China. The company has a team of developers in Chicago who are working on the project. As it goes along, it proves that the technology is already in use.

The company has already launched 60 blockchain products this year. VaccineLedger is one of these. Its technology arm has partnered with a startup that Unicef and Gavi have funded. The system prevents the waste of vaccines. It records data related to every individual vial of vaccine. Its partners include Ford, Faurecia, and others, with $18 billion in annual revenue.

While cryptocurrencies are getting all the attention, many more groundbreaking blockchain projects are below the surface. The technology behind Algo is also less energy-intensive than other blockchain projects. The startup is currently in the beta stages and is open to contributions from all industries. Its team is working with top suppliers to create a unified ecosystem for the blockchain. They want to enable their users to access information about the cost of certain parts, and they want people to be able to control the price.

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Blockchain Applications

Stacktical’s DSLA protocol helps service stakeholders trade risks. The DSLA protocol helps companies trade risk by storing the cryptocurrency. This protocol was designed to be a decentralized application platform, and it has several benefits. Moreover, it allows businesses to keep a variety of cryptocurrencies, enabling them to create smart contracts. The company hopes to launch more than 20 more applications on its decentralized blockchain.

The company is also testing blockchain applications on its own devices. It has 60 blockchain-based products in development. Its VaccineLedger platform is a blockchain-based platform that helps prevent waste by recording data about each vial. The company’s website is already in three states in India and is planning to expand to other countries soon. This could lead to a boom in the blockchain industry. The Mahindra Group technology arm has developed a series of products. This includes an app that enables users to track stolen goods.


Cardano’s research-driven project is an excellent pick for long-term investors. Its developers are actively searching for solutions to future problems, and its implementation is likely to be a game-changer in a few years. As a result, it is expected to roll out new projects shortly. Other recent projects could include Layer 2 solutions, which sit on top of existing blockchains, and interoperability projects to make it easier for different networks to communicate.


Avalanche has seen its price surge dramatically over the past few months. The Ethereum-based platform Decentraland has recently launched a virtual reality platform called “Decentraland,” which will allow users to create and monetize content. The project hopes to leverage the rapidly increasing use of virtual reality to boost its currency prices. It has a massive addressable market and appears to be moving in the right direction.

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