Hackers Hacked More Than 10 Thousand Solana Wallets

Hackers Hacked More Than 10 Thousand Solana Wallets

Hackers Hacked More Than 10 Thousand Solana Wallets

Blockchain security experts noted: that unknown hackers have made another attack on the cryptocurrency sector. As of 13:30 Moscow time on August 3, 2022, it became known: the Solana network fell victim to a multi-million dollar hack. Cybercriminals stole about 10 thousand accounts and more than $7 million in cryptocurrencies.

Experts confirmed that earlier information about the hacking of 7 thousand of wallets is inaccurate, and the losses turned out to be much more significant. Perhaps the final figures will be even higher since the attack has not yet stopped. The hacker broke into about 20 wallets per minute. The hacks have not ended, and the project developers have not yet fully understood the situation.

Ava Labs founder and CEO Emin Gun Sirer informed the crypto community that the attack on accounts was still ongoing. Still, the startup team was doing everything possible to understand the problem and prevent further theft of digital funds. The entrepreneur expressed his regret over the current situation and apologized to netizens. He noted that such incidents negatively impact not only his community but the entire industry as a whole.

Sirer stressed that hardware wallets and centralized exchange (CEX) vaults have not yet been affected and expressed the hope that experts will be able to deal with the problem before this happens.

The businessman assured that this excess would make his product more substantial and better, as security experts will make more efforts to increase the level of blockchain protection.

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