Integrated Into Google Pay Integrated Into Google Pay Integrated Into Google Pay

It became known that Google Pay users have opened another way to access the cryptocurrency market, as has integrated its payment functions for purchases in the service.

Representatives of the crypto exchange platform have added Google Pay for Android users, opening up the possibility for them to purchase cryptocurrency purchases. Analysts assured that this indicates that more than 100 million users will be able to use the latest payment gateway.

Customers who have set up their Google Pay accounts to link a credit or debit card can choose to pay with cryptocurrencies in the app. The company’s management said that this move is significant for accepting virtual currencies by the global community and demonstrates that is a serious force in the industry.

According to the firm’s representatives, millions of Earth’s inhabitants, located in different parts of the world, will have access to the digital currency market and be able to get to know this industry better. The company expressed the opinion that cooperation with Google is only the initial stage in developing and integrating crypto payments into various areas of everyday life.

According to the founders of, the ability to pay for services in cryptocurrencies will attract new users and increase the popularity of both the application service and the trading platform.

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