Marsbase Otc Platform Adds Support For Over 1000 Tokens

Marsbase Otc Platform Adds Support For Over 1000 Tokens

Marsbase Otc Platform Adds Support For Over 1000 Tokens

Marsbase , a decentralized OTC trading platform, has added over 1,000 tokens for P2P transactions on the BNB Chain and Ethereum networks. Shortly, the developers will also add support for NEAR Protocol and Polygon.

Marsbase is a decentralized OTC platform for anonymous trading of crypto assets. Its users can participate in auctions and create OTC orders without limits.

The platform provides access to the OTC market for retail investors and allows the execution of large orders in part-transactions for an unlimited number of participants.

“We created a platform not only for whales, cryptocurrency venture funds, miners and liquidity providers, but also for retail investors. Marsbase launches secondary markets for 50% of assets on BNB Chain and Ethereum. We are working on scaling this solution to other protocols,” said COO and platform product director Denis Isaulov.

Transactions take place at a fixed rate without slippage and do not affect the price of tokens. Marsbase performs transactions without intermediaries using smart contracts on BNB Chain and Ethereum.

The platform team is working on integrations with decentralized exchanges and DEX aggregators. Its goal is to synchronize trades with more than 1% market price impact.

“The OTC market is not interested in transactions up to $100,000 with medium and small capitalization assets. These transactions go directly to liquidity pools and centralized exchanges – several large exits from young DeFi projects can be disastrous for them, especially in a bear market, ”commented Denis Isaulov.

In addition, Marsbase has developed a protocol for trading vested assets. Token holders and project founders can manage the vesting schedule, speed it up and slow it down, and resell their allocations on Marsbase.

Marsbase is selling native MBase tokens as part of a seed funding round. The project team reports on the token sale progress in the Marsbase Telegram channel.

The platform’s vesting allocations will be fully tradable and manageable. This approach will allow early investors to exit the project without affecting the token’s price.

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