Bitmart Announces Listing Of Artèq Token (Arteq)

Bitmart Announces Listing Of Artèq Token (Arteq)

Bitmart Announces Listing Of Artèq Token (Arteq)

It became known that the artèQ (ARTEQ) cryptocurrency project first entered the centralized exchange. The BitMart platform announced the listing of this token. This will allow site clients to invest in a startup related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Representatives of artèQ NFT Investment Capital announced an agreement with BitMart. The ARTEQ utility token will be listed for trading and made available to millions of users worldwide. The platform allowed site users to transact in the ARTEQ/USDT pair.

ArtèQ founder Farbod Sadeghyan assured us that his firm had reached an important development milestone by listing its token on the BitMart centralized exchange. This has become a vital part of the company’s strategy to democratize access to digital assets as an investment, making it easier for newcomers to enter the cryptocurrency market and providing an opportunity to invest in the NFT sector. Deposits became available as early as July 16, 2022, and trading operations and withdrawals from July 19.

Sadeghyan said that the 10 billion ERC20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain is already being traded on Uniswap and is also an investment product of Swiss banks.

By owning an asset, investors have access to a diversified NFT portfolio and other benefits, such as private access to various events, unique airdrops, and more. In addition, holders receive a fixed income from the growth of the capital ecosystem.

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