Anthony Hopkins’ NFTs Sold Out On OpenSea In 10 Minutes

Anthony Hopkins' NFTs Sold Out On OpenSea In 10 Minutes

Anthony Hopkins’ NFTs Sold Out On OpenSea In 10 Minutes

Anthony Hopkins’ Eternal Collection (originally titled Anthony Hopkins: The Eternal Collection) sold out on OpenSea in 7 minutes, setting a world record for the fastest.

The creator of the Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins collection, Orange Comet, tweeted that the OpenSea NFT marketplace has taken them to the top of the rankings.

“This collaboration is a milestone for Sir Anthony Hopkins, who has brought his acting talents into the Metaverse,” the official website says.

The collection includes over 1000 NFTs. This is a series of thought-provoking images and animations dedicated to the “eternal” archetypes interpreted by Sir Anthony Hopkins: Jester, Lover, Hero, Ruler, Sage, Wizard, Giver, Explorer, and Creator.

Drop NFT by Anthony Hopkins

This NFT drop challenged all crypto market bears. People are now in no hurry to invest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs, but the actor’s fans bought up the Hollywood legend’s collection in minutes.

The community was thrilled to be part of history by participating in the drop. Most NFT owners have delisted their collection and have no plans to sell it. Only 13% of the collection is available on OpenSea for sale.

Source:  Twitter

During the drop, users could not mint their NFTs. OpenSea acknowledged the problem and noted that it was caused by the massive demand for the legendary NFT collection. The problem was fixed after 50 minutes, and the drop resumed.

Fans who missed the mint due to a technical glitch bought NFTs from other users who managed to get them. The Orange Comet team promised to present the images that formed the basis of the collection. Fans are already looking forward to it.

NFT Comes To Hollywood

Orange Comet bridges Hollywood with the world of NFTs and the Metaverse. The team of co-founders comes from a variety of backgrounds in the entertainment industry. Among them are the best national football league players, singers, musicians, producers, songwriters, and animators. Their connections and deep understanding of the entertainment industry help them attract artists and creatives to Web3.

The company released about 17 NFT collections dedicated to sports and entertainment during the year. The first was the “New York Islanders NFT” collection, featuring players from the Elmont, New York hockey team. They have several NFT collections for The Walking Dead, an American post-apocalyptic series, and comics. In addition, the company released a collection dedicated to American astronaut Scott Joseph Kelly.

NFT Chakra

The most famous collection in Orange Comet’s portfolio is Chakra, based on animated characters from the Marvel Universe created by the legendary Stan Lee. The Chakra drop was reported on Stan Lee’s official account, which now honors his legacy.

It took place on December 28, 2021, the day Stanley Lee would have turned 99. These NFTs, originally listed on the Indian marketplace, sold out in one minute.

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