ZB Exchange Loses $4.8m In Hot Wallet Hack

ZB Exchange Loses $4.8m In Hot Wallet Hack

ZB Exchange Loses $4.8m In Hot Wallet Hack

  • Representatives of the PeackShield service reported hacking of the hot wallet.
  • Hackers stole two dozen different types of digital assets
  • The amount of stolen cryptocurrency is estimated at $4.8 million

From the looks of it, 2022 will forever go down in digital asset history with its endless streak of hacks. No sooner had the community moved away from the news about the attack on Solana than the ZB exchange was honored with a meeting with hackers. Specialized services reported a loss of $4.8 million.

According to the latest data, the attackers “opened” the hot wallet of an Asian company. According to the PeackShield report, suspicious movements of 21 different cryptocurrencies were recorded on the network. As a result, the assets were transferred to several exchanges, after which part of the funds was sold for 2224 ETH.

The remaining coins are still on one of the wallets associated with the hack. There, hackers store digital assets worth one million dollars. The movement of this cryptocurrency is tracked.

According to the company’s clients, they are shocked by the rapid development of events. On Tuesday, August 2, the ZB exchange suddenly blocked the withdrawal of funds; representatives of the company said this was due to a “sudden failure.” Of course, users see an apparent connection between the halt in operations and the hacker intrusion.

“Due to the sudden failure of some essential applications, it still takes time to fix the problem. Deposit and withdrawal services are currently suspended. Please do not deposit digital currency until recovery. Any changes are subject to announcement ,” the message said.

Moreover, the Asian exchange ZB, until recently, positioned itself as one of the safest crypto companies in the world. In the CoinGecko ranking, the platform ranks 44th in terms of trading volume.

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