What’s Up With The Sandbox And Metaverse Mega City?

What's Up With The Sandbox And Metaverse Mega City?

What’s Up With The Sandbox And Metaverse Mega City?

In the game’s first year, developers were working on new content, but nothing came to fruition. Despite the high quality of the game, a lack of updates and low player numbers made it difficult to see much potential for this virtual world. But then, a few days later, developers announced a new partnership with the Korean entertainment company Cube Entertainment to add a Smurfs village to The Sandbox.

Standard Chartered

Hong Kong-based bank Standard Chartered has entered the Metaverse with a new partnership with The Sandbox, the digital entertainment company. The deal will see the Hong Kong branch of Standard Chartered located in the Mega-City district of The Sandbox, owned by Animoca Brands. The bank plans to use Metaverse as a platform to explore new immersive experiences for its customers. The bank will target creative types, gamers, and sports enthusiasts to expand its services.

Other companies that have entered the Metaverse include JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, and Fidelity Investments. The Metaverse has considerable market potential, with Citi and Goldman Sachs forecasting a $13 trillion opportunity by 2030. While Citi predicts the metaverse market will be worth $8 trillion by 2030, some experts have expressed concern that this figure is too high. As such, it is essential to remember that these figures are predictions and are not necessarily indicative of the future.

While the first phase of Mega City was a successful pilot, the next phase is expected to launch this summer, and the company has announced several partnerships to support it. In addition to investing in the game itself, Standard Chartered is working with Ocean Park, an area that represents the hospitality industry. Other new partners include the Regal Hotels Group and Tatler Asia, as well as the venture capital firm Brinc.

UFO School is another company that has joined the project. The IT Academy is part of an HKEx-listed education company, “HK Education (Int’) Investment Limited,” and is dedicated to bringing global culture to Web3 technologies. Its masterclass programs in The Sandbox will feature gamified learning modules. In-game tokens will be given to enrolled students as they learn, and graduates will receive certificates with intelligent contracts embedded within them.

Chord Hero

In a recent announcement, the blockchain-based gaming platform The Sandbox has partnered with multinational financial services company Standard Chartered to develop a metaverse project dubbed Mega City. The company has also partnered with a range of other significant players in Hong Kong’s business and arts sectors, including Ocean Park, the Regal Hotel Group, Tatler Asia, Brinc, UFO School, and Time Gates of Hong Kong Pop Culture.

Despite the original game’s success, The Sandbox has launched the second season of Alpha, which will focus on bringing diverse new game experiences to players worldwide. The game also has over 2.7 million registered players, which shows that the world is interested in the game. While the developers have yet to reveal more details of the second season, the game’s trailer has outlined many exciting new features, including a utensil-wielding monster, the famous Post No Bills building, and the ‘UFO. STEAM Academy.’

The Sandbox and Metaverse Mega City are similar in concept, with both games embracing the idea of the Metaverse as a continuous shared digital space. Similarly, The Sandbox is a mix of virtual real estate and theme parks and boasts a variety of partnerships, including Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, Gucci Vault, and Atari. 

The Sandbox and Metaverse also have announced new partnership deals. For Mega City 2, The Sandbox has secured new partners, including Ocean Park, Standard Chartered, Regal Hotel Group, Tatler Asia, EVI, MadWorld, and Chord Hero. They have also launched the ‘LAND Sale’ on April 28, 2022, where players can purchase LANDs and build their experiences. The Sandbox and Metaverse Mega City have announced the expansion of its second phase, with new partner announcements in the coming weeks.

Stephen Fung

To draw more people to the Sandbox, entertainment superstars Stephen Fung and Shu Qi collaborate to create immersive experiences. In addition to presenting immersive experiences, the two will also have a unique gallery where fans can view works by new artists. Shu Qi’s experience will focus on direct interaction with fans and feature exclusive NFTs. Here’s a look at what to expect from both entertainment stars.

The Sandbox has announced new partnerships for the upcoming launch of its new mega city. This is a way to bring Hong Kong’s unique culture into the Metaverse. The developers have added names from various industries, including entertainment, professional services, real estate, gaming, and other sectors. These partnerships will bring the Mega City to life and allow players to purchase virtual land near the LANDs.

Since its launch, The Sandbox has signed up more than 165 partners, including brands such as Adidas and Snoop Dogg. The platform has also secured partnerships with the South China Morning Post, The Walking Dead, and Adidas. Other partners of The Sandbox, Mega City project include Adrian Chang, Shu Qi, Sun Hung Kai & Co., and CryptoKitties. The team hopes to provide players with a fun play-to-earn experience.

The launch of LANDs for sale will be on January 13 at 1 pm UTC. Several new land parcels will be available, ranging from premium to primary. Premium lands will offer exclusive NFTs, the ability to host events, and gaming experiences. As with any other major land purchase, premium lands will be the best investment. So, go ahead and reserve a piece of land and join the thriving mega city.

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Shu Qi

The Mega City region is the next step of The Sandbox’s global expansion and is a perfect location for a thriving tech ecosystem. This region will be home to various startups, entertainment stars, and more, and it has attracted several notable partners in Hong Kong. For the Mega City district, Sandbox has partnered with Adrian Cheng, a renowned Hong Kong businessman and founder of K11 and the executive director of the Chow Tai Fook jewelry company. Adrian Cheng’s GBA Companies will provide exclusive NFT experiences and entertainment, and Stephen Fung will be there to showcase his work.

The Sandbox and its partners are also expanding their business into the Hong Kong market. The company has announced multiple partnerships with various companies in Hong Kong, including Adrian Cheng, a Hong Kong tycoon and PWC Hong Kong, and Shu Qi, a model, and actress. The Sandbox hopes to create a “new cultural hub” in the metaverse region, highlighting exclusive NFTs. For now, the developers are looking to make Hong Kong a part of Mega City and will begin with a LAND sale on January 13, 2022.

Adrian Cheng, a Hong Kong-based strategic investor, is another key partner in the development of Mega City. Adrian Cheng has established XL Estate, which will act as the innovation hub for Mega City. The XL Estate is a 24×24 LAND that will include the GBA Pavilion, a curated showcase for Greater Bay Area startups. Other notable partners include C Venture, Eureka Nova, and The Sandbox.

Hong Kong Talent

The Sandbox, a subsidiary of the game-developing company X-Men, is working on expanding the Metaverse by adding Hong Kong culture. The game-developing company has partnered with entertainment, finance, real estate, and gaming companies to create Mega City, a new cultural district in the game. As a result of these partnerships, a new LAND sale will take place on January 13 in Mega City. Players will be able to purchase land to develop into an entire neighborhood.

While the Metaverse is new and has many benefits, it has a lot of promise. It allows startups to participate in the technology revolution. Some are already creating intellectual properties and brands in The Sandbox. Development of products and services in the Metaverse is significantly faster than in the real world. Instead of years or even months, developers can launch products in the Metaverse within weeks. This allows new companies to build something and gain a broader audience.

The Sandbox recently announced plans to launch a land sale in their new mega city. Mega City is a new area in the Metaverse that allows users to create distinct worlds and monetize their game experiences. The game developers have partnered with Hong Kong-based ventures to offer a Mega Sale. However, the land is limited in this region and is selling out quickly.

The project isn’t the only innovation coming out of this Metaverse. Dreamer, a Hong Kong-based artist, has created an exclusive NFT, and the world will feature an anthology of art toys, stationery, comic books, and more. All LAND in Mega City will share a city-of-the-future connection, which will be unique to Hong Kong. The art that each LAND owner creates will reflect that vision and their tastes and dreams.

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