What are the top metaverse tokens to invest in?

What are the top metaverse tokens to invest in?

Top 5 Metaverse Tokens to Invest In

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse, but which are the best to invest in? This article will cover Enjin coin, FLOKI, Chromia, and SAND. If you’re interested in investing in cryptocurrencies in this space, check out our newsletter to get the latest news. Subscribe here for daily updates on cryptocurrencies. Let us know what you think!

For gamers who are looking for a digital experience, Sandbox is a good choice. It allows players to purchase land, monetize it with assets, and resell it as a non-fungible token. Users can also create their games without coding skills and earn with these. To make the most of your Sandbox earnings, you can stake SAND tokens. SAND can be purchased on UPbit and BITTREX.

MANA is a well-established metaverse coin

MANA is a well-established meta-verse coin and is a popular crypto investment for both novices and experts. The Decentraland metaverse has many interactive opportunities, including festivals, concerts, and other vibrant entertainment venues. The currency has also received widespread adoption, and its development team is active. This has contributed to its price spiking by over 400 percent. After the company changed its name to Facebook, MANA reached record highs.

Since its launch, the currency has experienced a meteoric rise, and many popular exchanges rushed to list it. Today, MANA is available on various exchanges, including eToro, Gemini, Webull, and Voyager. The best exchanges to buy MANA are eToro, Webull, and Voyager. All of these exchanges offer secure transactions and low fees. Once you have an account, you can trade MANA. You can read more about how to buy MANA on Benzinga.

BLOK is a native token of Bloktopia

BLOK, the native token of Bloktopia, is a digital currency that will allow users to purchase things in the virtual world. In addition to purchasing things, BLOK can also be used to participate in events and stake for governing. Bloktopia is a decentralized, virtual world powered by blockchain technology, and the team behind it comprises four people. Co-founders Paddy Carroll and Ross Tavakoli bring extensive experience in the marketing world to the project. Simon Benson has a background in immersive technology development, while Libby Rothwell has a background in the film industry.

In addition to allowing users to purchase items in Bloktopia, BLOK will also enable people to engage in advertising. Bloktopia will partner with key brands and return the advertising fees to token holders. In addition to this, real estate in Bloktopia will be sold in a three-phased sale. Tokens used to buy real estate will be burned publicly.


There are many advantages to investing in Highstreet metaverse tokens. The platform has been supported by several significant figures in the crypto community, including the founders of Avalanche and Polkadot. These renowned names are backing the project and have contributed to its success. There is a strong community supporting Highstreet, and the project is gaining support from traditional investors. To learn more, read the Highstreet white paper.

The metaverse market in Highstreet will have a strong focus on the P2E aspect of technology, which means that it will support virtual reality (VR) gaming. The platform will make it a popular experience for players, as it has been designed with VR in mind. Highstreet will allow players to go on quests, battle monsters, and redeem materials and goods. The project hopes to make the experience of shopping online fun and exciting.

HIGH is a cryptocurrency that enables gamers to participate in governance decisions and earn profits through staking. It also allows gamers to purchase goods in the Highstreet marketplace and collect taxes. The currency has several advantages over other cryptocurrency coins. High’s utility is higher than other virtual currencies, and it’s easier to use real-world items for transactions. This is why investors are excited about the HIGH project.

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If you’re looking for some of the best cryptocurrency investments for 2018, you should look into MANA and SAND. These two tokens are used within the metaverse platform Decentraland and are used as currency to purchase in-game items and land. Recently, Facebook invested millions in rival metaverse platforms, including Sandbox and Decentraland. But are they worth investing in? Read on to learn why they’re the top metaverse tokens to invest in.

Decentraland is another great metaverse project which gained popularity during the NFT hype. NFT owners started to use this virtual world to showcase their digital products. Sotheby’s, for example, even bought land on the metaverse and used it to recreate their famous London offices. Then, in late 2018, MANA’s price shot up over one thousand percent. Meanwhile, SAND’s price is currently hovering around $2.53, a considerable gain over the year. Sandbox has also recently launched its own virtual world, Highstreet, which allows gamers to buy and sell virtual products in virtual stores. Some of these stores have already been integrated into the Decentraland gaming platform.


Floki Inu has tapped into the metaverse with their recently announced expansion in February 2022. The company plans to create a space where players can earn unique NFTs and establish a foothold in the metaverse. Despite recent downtrends in the metaverse, Floki Inu has remained strong. The project has also attracted an audience on social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

Highstreet is another fast-growing metaverse project with a focus on gaming and retail. Its platform supports VR and enables two-way currency exchange between the virtual and physical worlds. It also features a native metaverse coin that acts as the central hub. In-game NFT marketplaces allow users to trade their in-game assets for real-world products. In addition to this, players can explore the metaverse during gameplay by completing quests and acquiring goods that have utility both online and offline.

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