The Sandbox Signs With MK2

The Sandbox Signs With MK2

The Sandbox Signs With MK2

The press service of the Metaverse platform The Sandbox announced that the leading French art-house film company MK2 had signed a contract with their startup for cooperation. The organization’s leadership will launch its digital territory in the virtual world.

The new MK2 Park will function as a cinematic carnival with an open-air cinema set in the clouds above a giant carousel. The multiplayer social center will be filled with mini-games and movie-themed rides with nods to iconic scenes. The goal is to give film lovers a place to play, socialize and experience new things.

The Sandbox COO and co-founder Sebastian Borge said he is excited to see the Metaverse as a place where diverse entertainment and culture come together. Together with MK2, it is planned to create a unique entertainment environment.

The film company is known for releasing, storing, distributing, and showing new and classic films in France and the world. The MK2 collection includes works by Charlie Chaplin, François Truffaut, Abbas Kiarostami, David Lynch, Gus Van Sant, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, and many other famous personalities. The management said the company promotes quality film production, multi-faceted bright centers, and creative discoveries.

The startup was a pioneer in immersive technology, launching MK2 VR in 2016, the first virtual reality center in Europe. CEO Elisha Karmitz assured that bringing the idea of ​​cinema as a universal art to the metaverse would be a breakthrough for the entire industry.

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