Terra Users Lost Over $4M in Phishing Attack

Terra Users Lost Over $4M in Phishing Attack

From April 12 to April 21, dozens of Terra network users became victims of a phishing attack. The attacker received $4.31 million worth of crypto assets, SlowMist experts said.

The attacker used phishing advertisements on Google. According to the firm’s analysts, the calculation was that users would look for well-known projects in the Terra ecosystem like Anchor or Astroport.

The search gave in the first lines the results similar to the real site. In some cases, the correct domain name was even indicated, but it changed after clicking on the link.

In the window that opens, the victim was asked to connect their wallet and enter a seed phrase. This allowed unauthorized withdrawal of assets from it.

SlowMist experts advised Terra users not to click on Google ads or links to dubious resources.

“This will help reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of phishing,” they stressed.

In ten days, the attacker’s wallet received funds from 54 different addresses.

As a reminder, the MetaMask non-custodial wallet command warned users about the risks of storing data in Apple iCloud due to possible phishing attacks.

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