SubQuery Announces Gitcoin GR 13 Hackathon Winners

SubQuery Announces Gitcoin GR 13 Hackathon Winners

SubQuery Announces Gitcoin GR 13 Hackathon Winners

Today, we are excited to announce the winners of the recent Gitcoin GR 13 Hackathon. Gitcoin is recognized as one of the preeminent blockchain development communities focused on building community and applications for Web3. SubQuery partnered with Gitcoin in March to sponsor four awards with a total prize pool of up to $22,000.

The hackathon ran from March 9-24, 2022 and participants from all over the world contributed to the rewards. Prizes are awarded to those who successfully complete projects to predetermined standards and who provide the most creative ideas or address areas for improvement in the core SubQuery SDK. A summary of the problems is given below:

  • SubQuery project historical status query – $10,000
  • Alternative subql dictionary generation – $7000
  • Enable SubQuery to Support GraphQL Subscriptions – $3,000
  • Personal Bid Control Panel (Sponsored by Moonbeam Network) – $2,000

Query the historical status of a project

The winner of this challenge receives a prize of US$10,000, which was split between Samuel Pitko (“Spitko”), who received US$7,000, and “Ipaydat”, who received US$3,000. Spitko was the first to reach completion and it was clear that they were very knowledgeable about postgresql. They provided an example of a workflow for feature testing and completed all requirements for the award.

“This was my first hackathon and I found immersing myself in this environment to be an incredible learning experience. I learned so much about the inner workings of SubQuery that I tried to hack it to work as stated in the award and it was a lot of fun “, – reported Ipaydat.

Alternative subql dictionary generation

The winner of this $7,000 contest was split between “UnicornIdeas” who received $4,900 and “singulart” who received $2,100. The submission from UnicornIdeas was a very strong proof of concept that showed the benefits that a hybrid approach can bring over the original Rust archiver. The end result greatly reduces the dependency issues that come with propagating to other chains.

“What I liked about the hackathon is that it provides me with an environment to ‘boost’ my knowledge of what was previously very foreign technology to me and come out on the other side with valuable skills and a built-in SubQuery project to show it,” UnicornIdeas said.

“The best part of my experience with the Gitcoin hackathon was how approachable the SubQuery team was, there was clear communication and transparency on what was required for the award and I knew which direction to take. I really admire how involved SubQuery is in the hackathons and developer grants because it provides us with a space to learn and ultimately use our new skills and contribute to the future of the decentralized economy.”

Enable SubQuery to Support GraphQL Subscriptions

The developers were looking for someone to help implement this in the SubQuery Query service so that people running a SubQuery project can subscribe to changes in the state of their projects. The winner of this $3,000 contest was again Spitko, who was awarded $3,000. Spitko was able to complete not one but two challenges at the hackathon, and here he provided a solution that was both understandable and scalable.

“Working on the two SubQuery awards was a great opportunity to both learn new things and contribute to a project with genuine impact. I felt very supported by the well-defined task descriptions and thorough technical documentation.” – Samuel Pitko (Spitko)

Personal Announcement Panel (Sponsored by Moonbeam Network)

Moonbeam and Moonriver provide a good opportunity to earn rewards by placing GLMR and MOVR on collators online. The developers were looking for a custom built app designed to help an individual bet identify and analyze staking opportunities across various collectors and monitor their own staking performance over time.

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Sam Zou, CEO and Founder of SubQuery commented:

“SubQuery is excited about the results of the Gitcoin GR13 hackathon. It’s in our best interest to support motivated developers around the world to build on our data indexing service, which is now going multi-chain with our recent announcement of Avalanche support.”

About SubQuery

SubQuery is a toolkit for blockchain developers to enable others to build the Web3 applications of the future. The SubQuery project is a complete API for organizing and querying data from layer 1 chains. Currently serving the Polkadot and Kusama projects, this service allows developers to focus on their main use case and interface without wasting time building a custom data processing backend. The SubQuery Network suggests enabling this same scalable and robust solution, but in a completely decentralized way.

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