Punk6529 Opens Metaverse Museum District

Punk6529 Opens Metaverse Museum District

Punk6529 Opens Metaverse Museum District

Popular NFT collector “punk6529” today unveiled an ambitious open source project that hopes to reach 100 million users. This project is called “OM” and is completely self-financed. It aims to be an open platform that is built and used by the community.

On a larger scale, the project plans to create 10 self-governing cities in the metaverse , each with a maximum population of 10 million. Recently, the museum district of the first city was launched, which was named Genesis City. User punk6529 tweeted about it to his followers, adding that it is possibly “the most upscale NFT art ever featured in one place.”

Following the announcement, a user posted a promotional video showing popular works such as CryptoPunks, Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenza Collection, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Art Blocks. At this stage, the museum has 2,000 NFT works on display, which supposedly belong not only to punk6529, but also to members of his team. Apart from this, new users also have the option to upload their NFT work.

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The creator of the project also noted that at this stage the project will not be charging or attracting crowdfunding as they want to create a working product before scaling up with investments – anyone is free to join and create artwork in the alpha version of the project if his “ideas match” those of the museum district.

“I don’t need your ETH, I need your contribution to the development of OM. I collect publicly, I invest publicly, and we are going to build OM publicly together,” added punk6529.

The team also added:

“The fundamental model of OM management is at the district level. Districts can be either “developed” or “open”. For example, 6529 is going to develop the 6529 Museum District. Others may develop others. They can be free experimental spaces.”

The museum district already has 25 buildings active in the central square, as well as another 2,000 buildings to be activated.

“Each building can have anywhere from 1 to 100 seats, so this type of neighborhood can easily accommodate 100,000 residents,” punk6529 said.

He also stated that the concept of the metaverse is an open space with no individual or group of individuals to run the metaverse:

“It’s not that shocking, people have done this before. There is not a single person responsible for: email, or HTML, or TCP/IP, or Bitcoin, or ERC-721.”

The project should be lightweight and accessible to the user, as well as provide a bridge to the real world. Only in this way, according to the team, they will be able to attract a large audience. And if they can get enough people into the metaverse, OM will go into public beta around June or July.

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