Microsoft Is Preparing To “Revive The Metaverse”

Microsoft Is Preparing To "Revive The Metaverse"

Microsoft Is Preparing To “Revive The Metaverse”

  • Microsoft announced the transition to the metaverse
  • They will develop their solutions for virtual worlds
  • The company is also adapting some of its existing products for Metaverse.

Tech giant Microsoft has taken a course on virtual worlds. The Director of Marketing officially announced this in the UAE, Ihsan Anabtawi.

The company’s plans include several tasks. Firstly, they are adapting some cloud services for the metaverse. The company is building a bridge between the physical and digital worlds through Microsoft Cloud solutions. According to the developer, the new mixed reality technology will ” bring the metaverses to life “.

Anabtawi perceives the metaverse as a new tool that will complement the Internet we are used to.

“We should treat the metaverse as the next step in the evolution of the Internet. Internet technology began as a data network in 1990-2000. In the 2010s, it evolved into the Social Internet. Now it’s becoming the Internet of Things.”

According to the top manager, we are talking about long-term investments. They are aimed at developments in several industries that will ensure the future of computing in the metaverse. The products will be designed for both businesses and consumers.

Microsoft focuses on three key areas: presence, connection, and interaction between different worlds.

What role will the UAE play?

Curiously, this interview was given by the department director in the UAE. He said the metaverse would play an essential role in the country’s digital transformation. The new investment strategy will expand the workforce, attract customers, streamline operations and transform business models. Recently, the UAE Ministry of Economy opened an office in the metaverse. So this country has good prospects.

Let’s hope that Microsoft’s investment won’t be as unprofitable as the Meta project. According to reports, the Metaverse department caused a loss of $ 3.7 billion in the third quarter.

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