Mavenwit Ceo Decided To Enter Into The Web3 Industry With A Brand Name – Diehardfriends

Mavenwit Ceo Decided To Enter Into The Web3 Industry With A Brand Name - Diehardfriends

Mavenwit Ceo Decided To Enter Into The Web3 Industry With A Brand Name – Diehardfriends

It’s been a while since Mavenwit started in 2020, and it has been working with great companies around the globe now, have crossed more than 250+ SAAS partnerships, won multiple awards, and is now even backed by the incubators as well, in just 1.5 years. Lately, we heard about The Maven Show produced by Mavenwit, which is now available on all the popular streaming platforms.

The show is devoted to young entrepreneurs, companies, and GenZ, where it talks about technology, partnerships, and the changes happening in the marketing and advertising industry.

So far, Mavenwit keeps on hitting new milestones, every following month, Rohit Arora, Founder & CEO at Mavenwit, has finally decided to enter into the Blockchain industry with the Brand Name – DieHardFriends.

Whereas per the latest interview, he said DieHardFriends will be a collection of 10555 NFT available on the Ethereum Blockchain and available for minting on Opensea early next year in 2023, with the initial price of 0.02 ETH. Further, the vision of the DieHardFriends extends into the non-fungible token-based online video game where the DHFcoin will be the core for the entire DieHardFriends universe.


The Birth of DieHardFriends

 The Creator of DieHardFriends, Rohit Arora, recently got inspired by one of his fantastic friendship in the year 2022, which led him to start working on this legendary project just as a message to the world about how true friendship should always be!

What are DieHardFriends? “How Can I Be A Part Of This Friendship!”

As Rohit is already an artist and has been in the creative industry for the last few years, all the 10555 DieHardFriends are drawn by him, and each of the friends is unique from one another. All the DieHardFriends have their own identity and will be recognized by their specific names.

diehard friends

As per the recent talk, Rohit said, both of his brands have a clear vision and mission, which he just started in his early 20s. Whereas Mavenwit will revolutionize the marketing industry, and DieHardFriends will make the world a better place with a forever bond in the metaverse.

Rohit has the much bigger picture for DieHardFriends since the story behind the brand is related to his personal life. The company is still a secret where all his Web3 projects will revolve, including DieHardFriends, DHFcoin, etc., as Rohit is looking for a passionate COO for his Web3 company who will help him execute the vision behind his brand.

Rohit said, “I was just under the impression of working for small businesses around my location when I started my advertising agency, but after a few months of failures, we started leveraging a global network. I never thought Mavenwit would get valued a couple of million dollars now, which I launched when I was studying at my university.

Somehow, the same goes for DieHardFriends; before entering into the Web3 industry, I also had become a part of Crypto Crash, which eventually led me to get into the blockchain industry, either to win or lose!”

DieHardFriends came to mind in March since he was missing all the crazy old friendships he had. We have also explored his latest tweet done by him, where Rohit has mentioned the same in a single line.


As per the conversation – Rohit said, “I am just getting started with my career; since the beginning, I have had an interest in the fashion & apparel industry. The brand I always wanted to build is yet to come soon and is still on my closet’s wishlist.”

DieHardFriends can be another biggest NFT project, as the roadmap seems pretty surprising, and the DieHardFriends community is growing daily. The creator is also considering a lot of collaborations & partnerships within the We3 industry for the project’s success. Soon, another exciting announcement may blow our minds, as the metaverse will now experience the forever bond with DieHardFriends.

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