FTX Users Lose Funds Due To Leaked API Keys

FTX Users Lose Funds Due To Leaked API Keys

FTX Users Lose Funds Due To Leaked API Keys

Crypto journalist Colin Wu drew the attention of his Twitter followers to the recent FTX incident. Several users have reported losing funds. 

One of the traders went into detail about losing $1.6 million after noticing his account was late trading DMG tokens. As a result, the attackers withdrew a multi-million dollar amount from his account through FTX tokens, Ethereum cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin. 

Another trader said that days earlier, the attackers, acting according to the same scheme, withdrew $1.5 million. 

The FTX exchange has officially announced the leak of API keys for the 3Commas trading platform. Both traders say they have never used 3Commas before. 

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency trading platform 3Commas denies any wrongdoing, stating that being linked to their platform proves nothing. The company’s team initially stated that its security systems were not breached, and they were investigating the matter.

Later, the team took to Twitter and reported that the scale of the damage indicated the use of third-party browser extensions or malware.

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