Five Upcoming Metaverse Games

Five Upcoming Metaverse Games

Check out these upcoming titles if you’re looking for a fun virtual world that combines 3D gaming and AR technology. You’ll have the chance to play Illuvium, Sandbox, Revomon, and more! These games will be launching in the coming months! Here are five of the best games currently in development for the Metaverse! So get excited! And remember to stay tuned for more updates on these and other great games coming to the Metaverse!


Illuvium is a hybrid game of open world exploration and PVP battle. The game allows players to explore an ever-expanding world, collect NFT assets, and unlock achievements. However, unlike traditional games, in Illuvium, players do not own the assets they collect in the game, meaning they can’t carry them to another platform. Ultimately, the development team feels this aspect is crucial to the gaming experience.

Illuvium is powered by two types of tokens: ILV and sILV. The ILV token is an ERC-20 token available within the game ecosystem. Those who own ILV can participate in governance, propose changes to the protocol, and nominate council members who vote on their proposals. In addition, ILV token holders can earn yield by staking their tokens through the liquidity mining program. However, the rewards are subject to a vesting period of 12 months. The silver token can be used to purchase items in the game.

The game has an ambitious plan. Illuvium will be the first AAA-rated game on the blockchain. Furthermore, it will feature a fully decentralized protocol that allows players to vote on various issues relating to the game and earn distributions. Despite its hype, Illuvium is definitely worth paying attention to. You can also check out games and a play-to-earn crypto guide. This article has covered many of the critical features of Illuvium, including the fact that it’s built on Ethereum, Immutable X blockchain, and Layer 2 Scaling technology.

Polka City

One of the upcoming Metaverse games is Polkacity. The game is set in a city on an island with buildings in the NFT primary hue. Players can use their avatar to go up and down the city’s streets, walk around, and even run in them. Players can also build servers in the game to meet other people and create their characters.

The game is a hybrid of gaming and cryptocurrency, and the recent rebranding of Facebook has fueled its development. Players can invest in virtual assets in the game, such as virtual taxis, billboards, and gas stations. This will give them access to cryptocurrency and encourage them to invest in non-fungible tokens.

One of the upcoming Metaverse games is Polkacity, which combines several of the hottest topics in the gaming industry. It will combine DeFi with NFTs and build an ecosystem where users can trade digital assets. It will be launched by the end of the year, and players can use POLC tokens to purchase in-game pieces of land. POLC tokens are currently trading for around $0.39.

Another upcoming Metaverse game is Polkacity, which has a virtual storefront and an NFT treasure hunt. Its 3D view offers a realistic experience, and it has a roadmap that predicts a direct adaptation by 2021. Developers describe the game like the GTA of crypto.

The team behind Polkacity is led by Carmelo Milan, a former Microsoft employee. Other team members include Fatih Atali, a marketing adviser with experience with cryptocurrency and blockchain, and Manuel Leal, a web developer. The game will have three different phases in 2022. The first will focus on profit generation, while the second will focus on the expansion of the virtual city.


The native cryptocurrency of Decentraland is the MANA token, an ERC-20 token. MANA can be used to purchase LAND or virtual assets and services in the game. Like most blockchain projects, Decentraland uses a three-layer protocol. The consensus layer is where intelligent contracts live, while the content layer controls the distribution of LAND. Each district can have different policies that MANA holders vote on. The weight of each vote is based on how much MANA is held.

In addition to virtual reality, Decentraland also uses blockchain technology for its transactions. Players can trade and sell items on the marketplace using LAND tokens, which are priced in MANA. All transactions are verified and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can curate their unique experiences with Decentraland using its builder and editor tools. They can also use the MANA cryptocurrency to manage the software on the platform. While it may be challenging to get started on Decentraland, there are several advantages to using it.

In the Decentraland economy, players can create and interact with non-fungible assets. In addition to LAND, players can purchase digital art or trade with other players on the platform. Players can also create wearable shops using Decentraland tokens. Players also have some control over the rules and policies of the organization. They can vote on which policies are acceptable. In addition to the LAND, players can create virtual businesses in the game, which can help develop the economy.


With its combination of GameFi and VR gameplay, Revomon promises to be one of the unique metaverse games. As players interact with the Metaverse using hand gestures, they can control the game menus and trade Revomon for real-world money. Revomon players can monetize their gaming experience by staking the tokens they collect, participating in PvP battles, and trading them for real-world cash.

Axie Infinity is already popular among cryptocurrency gamers, and Revomon is a popular game that blends VR and blockchain technology. While it isn’t out yet, it’s already one of the most anticipated Metaverse games of 2022. In addition, Revomon offers a VR experience, combining the social aspects of the Pokemon series with the power of blockchain technology.

In Revomon, players take on the role of a Tamer, the game’s hero. Tamer’s progress through the game levels, train their Revomon and battle their Revomon. The game has a robust economy, and Revomon will be controlled by a decentralized autonomous organization governed by the REVO governance token. With REVO, the community and the development team can work together to make crucial decisions in the game.

With blockchain technology and VR technology, Renamon is a high-end online game platform that allows gamers to earn their fortunes and enjoy the uninterrupted play. The VR system, which integrates NFTs into the virtual reality system, allows players to immerse themselves in the virtual world and experience the thrill of a new online role-playing game.

The latest update for Revomon promises exclusive new features and maps, improved technology, and a new route for the game. Players can socialize in the Metaverse while creating and trading their Revomons. The game’s refactoring of the battle system has now been completed 90 percent. The remaining 10% will depend on the community’s step-by-step fixes.

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If you’re interested in playing new metaverse games, you might have already heard about Sandbox for Metaverse. It’s an open-world game platform gaining popularity, and its portals are located on social hubs. These are either owned by The Sandbox itself or partner companies. Sandbox has a variety of games for you to play, including role-playing games and open-world games. It also offers tools for game creators to make their games.

One of The Sandboxes for Metaverse’s main focuses is developing new games. The developers hope to create a more robust game platform and social experiences for their players. The developers of these games have partnered with dozens of brands to create new and exciting games. Some of them include Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, and CryptoKitties.

A game-maker platform is among the first projects to be developed on The Sandbox. It’s the third-largest Metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain. In the Sandbox, users can create virtual assets, share them with others, and monetize them. The platform also includes a marketplace for users to purchase and sell their creations.

Sandbox is a free game-making platform that makes it possible to create and publish virtual worlds. Voxels are large three-dimensional pixels that are animated in voxel-editing software. Users can then sell their creations through the Sandbox marketplace, which uses IPFS to provide decentralized storage.

The Sandbox for Metaverse games is a great way to develop your own game. You can also collaborate with creators and LAND owners to build unique experiences. Once you’ve created a game, you can rent it to other builders. The Sandbox for Metaverse games offers many benefits for developers and LAND owners, as well as the ability to make money.

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