Ethereum Exchange Rate Rose Sharply By 8.6% In A Day

Ethereum Exchange Rate Rose Sharply By 8.6% In A Day

Ethereum Exchange Rate Rose Sharply By 8.6% In A Day

The value of the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency surged by 8.6% in less than a day from July 21 to July 22, 2022. The second cryptocurrency was trading at $1638.96 as of 12:30 Moscow time. The market capitalization of the virtual currency is as close as possible to the vital mark of $200 billion, stopping at $199.39 billion. Traders have made transactions worth $20.37 billion over the past 24 hours.

At the same time, the entire cryptocurrency market has also significantly increased in value over the last day. The total supply of all assets increased by 3.78%, reaching $1.11 trillion. At the same time, the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin did not show the best result, having risen in price by only 2.17% over the past day. The digital coin’s value is $23,469, and the market capitalization is $447.92 billion. The total trading volume for 24 hours was $34.74 billion.

Among the top 10 coins in total supply, 2 more virtual assets showed promising results for their investors, which have risen in price by more than 5% over the reporting period. We are talking about Binance Coin (BNB), whose rate added 5.43%. The cost of the digital coin was fixed at $271.01, and the capitalization reached $43.73 billion. Traders provided trading volumes of $1.15 billion.

Digital currency Solna (SOL) has risen in price by 6.97% over the past day. It traded at $44.21, while having a total asset supply of $15.2 billion. The total volume of trades for the day amounted to $1.71 billion.

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