British actors spoke out against the use of AI in the film industry

British actors spoke out against the use of AI in the film industry

Equity, a performing arts union, has launched a “Stop the AI ​​that steals the show” campaign in the UK. It aims to reduce the role of technology in the entertainment industry.

According to the organization, the use of AI in the audio and audiovisual sector has grown significantly in recent years.

“From automated audiobooks to digital avatars, artificial intelligence systems are currently replacing skilled professional performers, often because they are seen as cheaper and more convenient,” the union said.

Many artists working with artificial intelligence do not receive fair remuneration and do not fully understand their rights before signing employment contracts.

Content creators may also use the image or voice of performers without their permission. Performers are often asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement without providing full details of the work.

“We have witnessed the emergence of deepfake technology and its often ominous consequences,” Equity added.

The union called on the UK government to take action to protect the rights of performers. The organization believes that the reform of copyright laws should “keep pace with technological development.”

In a comment for BBC government officials said they want to ensure that AI is regulated in a way that encourages innovation while “protecting people and our core values.”

“Our national strategy in the field of artificial intelligence is ten years in advance to harness the power of this technology, and in due course we will lay out our approach to managing it,” the authorities said.

Recall that in February, South Korean developers created presidential candidate digital avatarto draw the attention of young people to the elections.

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