Accredited Finance Platform Announces New Wallet

Accredited Finance Platform Announces New Wallet

Accredited Finance Platform Announces New Wallet

Representatives of the Accredited Finance platform announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency product. The service, which represents a Web 3 solution for managing digital assets, has opened access to the registration of a wallet for virtual currencies based on TradeFi-to-DeFi, to expand the platform’s ecosystem in anticipation of the launch of a native token.

Accredited Wallet was created to offer access to decentralized finance (DeFi) for all users, regardless of their status and location. Customers of the product will have access to tools and information to help them navigate the world of DeFi, all within a single service. The interface is more like a digital banking app than a crypto wallet, ensuring a painless transition from traditional finance to the new virtual economy paradigm.

To encourage the expansion of the ecosystem, Accredited Finance has also introduced its utility token, ACRDT. Open sales start is scheduled for today, July 25, 2022. The preliminary round was held only privately under the venture capital company Atomind.

In addition to the Accredited Wallet, the Accredited Finance team has also provided the public with customized solutions for businesses looking to further support liquidity. By developing and implementing Web3 financial solutions, organizations have the ability to manage digital tools from the service application.

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