A Profitable Bitcoin Investment Strategy Revealed

A Profitable Bitcoin Investment Strategy Revealed

A Profitable Bitcoin Investment Strategy Revealed

The community of crypto investors and traders on social media shared the results of the strategy of averaging the cost in US dollars (USD) when investing in cryptocurrencies. The flagship digital currency Bitcoin (BTC) was taken as an example. Experts assured that this method is optimal and guaranteed profitable for those who want to make money on the purchase of virtual assets, but are not ready to spend too much time on market research.

Users said: the bottom line is that an investor regularly buys assets when their price gradually decreases over time. This strategy is medium or long term and works great when the bitcoin rate enters an uptrend phase.

Specialists emphasized that the main advantage of this method is that the investor does not need trading experience to make significant profits in the long term. Experts assured that despite the 80% correction in the value of BTC, holders who bought a virtual coin in 2018 or 2019 turned out to be in the black in terms of profit.

According to experts, due to the high volatility of the first cryptocurrency, it is possible to cover losses after each correction cycle. However, the investor will need some knowledge of market structure and basic technical analysis skills.

Another simpler version of this strategy was also mentioned. It consists in the acquisition of virtual assets on specific dates. For example, small retail players preferred to buy BTC every Monday throughout the year. Analysts assured: following this system in the period from 2016 to 2019, the average price of 1 BTC would be $1494. The equivalent figure for a trader who entered the market in 2020 would be $18,373.

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