What is the StarMon Metaverse Game?

What is the StarMon Metaverse Game?

What is the StarMon Metaverse Game?

For those who are not familiar with the StarMon Metaverse, it’s a new kind of blockchain game. The StarMon token is a digital asset owned partially by the players. Through game battles, adventures, and the NFT market, players earn $SMON tokens that they can use to influence the game’s development and future. In addition, they can freely sell game assets and conduct digital currency transactions.

The main idea behind the Starmon Metaverse game is to provide a fun gaming experience to low-income players while earning money through a virtual world. Players can create their teams and breed Starmons based on their preferences. These Starmons have various elemental attributes. They can use any one of thirteen elements to attack and defend themselves. Each element interacts differently with others and has a different effect called restraint.

The players can choose from several different types of gameplay, such as open-world or planned scenarios. In the latter, players fight against a predator organization targeting the player’s Starmons. The rewards are more plentiful the higher you rank. Players who want to achieve the top ranks have to refine their Starmon’s abilities constantly. They must also find the best matching and operation strategy to gain a higher ranking. If the community of players deems StarMon to be a great game, it will launch its PVP ladder tournament soon.

3D Blockchain Metaverse

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy a virtual world, you’ve probably heard about StarMon Metaverse. This blockchain game uses Binance Smart Chain to create a 3D world where players can breed and control magical creatures known as Starmon. Players can earn $SMON, the governance token of the Starmon Metaverse, through the games they play or their contributions to the ecosystem. Players can then spend the tokens they’ve earned on their pet’s training and adventures. Their ultimate goal is to become the most dazzling Starmon trainer.

StarMon is a play-to-earn 3D blockchain game that gives players ownership of their characters, materials, and props. This is one of the biggest blockchain games yet, and it will create some sensations in the future. StarMon is a new era of blockchain games, and it has all of the makings of the next big thing in gaming. And because of its decentralized token economy system, it’s also straightforward to play and is an excellent opportunity for players of all skill levels.

Starmons – Characters Of Metaverse game

The game features a deflationary economy and governance tokens called SMON and GST. The former is used as the game’s currency, and the latter serves as ingredients for the evolution of Starmons. Each Starmon has a unique look, elemental attributes, and abilities, so a Starmon’s appearance and ability values may vary from player to player. The game also has a PvP arena where players can battle for the top spot.

 StarMon will also launch PVP Ladder tournaments to honor these players if they are exceptional trainers.

3D MatchMaking

Unlike other online games, StarMon has an extensive 3D matchmaking system. With LBS and AR technology, players can explore the world through their avatars. In addition to the standard 3D matchmaking system, StarMon supports the new concept of “real-world exploration” by including the “Real World Explorer” feature. This feature allows players to see and interact with real-world landmarks in the game.

Players will experience unique game experiences with each character, as each has its appearance, rarity, and skill values. This allows players to cultivate new pets with unique attributes and place them on the market for trading. Players will find that higher-quality StarMons gain better market attention and a higher price. As the game is still in the early stages, players will need to enjoy the free Beta version to find their matchmaking strategy.

NFT Mining Is A play To Earn 

In the StarMon Metaverse game, players earn tokens by performing activities, like trading, to buy items. NFT mining can also help players become Star Master. Users can earn NFTs by mining their planet’s Miner during this process. Users who start from the beginning have a better chance of becoming a Star Master. In addition to its exciting mechanics, the game’s play-to-earn mechanics are innovative and thought-provoking.

The Genesis NFT mining mechanic works similar to breeding in other games, but this mechanic emphasizes not selling your NFTs. While you earn rewards by mining NFTs, you must note that the NFTs you mine depends on the number of cards you stake, while passive rewards depend on the amount of NFTs you have in your pool. Once you reach the required amount, you can earn reward tokens.

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GST – Token Currency

Like the Axie Infinity system, the StarMon Metaverse has a governance token called SMON and an in-game GST token. GST is a scarce, non-fungible token. You can obtain GST by engaging in daily tasks and PvE adventures. SMON is used for game-related purposes, while GST is used for breeding star pets. This game’s deflationary system allows it to operate similarly to the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

GST is the game’s in-game currency, and the game’s developer will issue two types of it. The first is the StarMon token, which serves as governance. By buying Starmon, you become a part-owner of future game development. The second token, GST, is used for the game’s consumption aspects. Both currencies have their uses and are worth purchasing in-game.

Blockchain Gaming is Related To Metaverse

The blockchain technology used in the game StarMon is closely related to the metaverse concept, a three-dimensional virtual universe that players can use to build avatars, buy virtual properties, play games, and interact with other users. The blockchain is an integral part of this concept, as the technology is a perfect fit for enabling a decentralized ownership system for digital assets. The concept is also applicable to the blockchain gaming industry.

Blockchain gaming can allow players to teleport to their favorite locations in the real world, allowing them to delve into a thriving economy. This is made possible through an in-game currency, or ‘altcoin.’ This currency is known as ALICE, and it can be used to buy things for a farm or to buy other resources. The blockchain is also helpful in the game’s unusual financial district, Meta Bank Defi, where players can become their bank.

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