Is Becoming A Popular Metaverse And Here’s Why Is Becoming A Popular Metaverse And Here's Why Is Becoming A Popular Metaverse And Here’s Why

More and more crypto enthusiasts are joining the metaverse. The developers of the virtual world continue to introduce innovative technologies, increasing their capabilities. 

The metaverse has 109,000 users and records about 63,000 daily active users. Based on these data, we can say that the metaverse is one of the leaders on the market today. surpasses Decentraland and The Sandbox in monthly active users (28,000) according to a DappRadar report.

The metaverse operates on the BNB and Ethereum networks, has more than 1 million virtual land plots, where up to 1 billion users can settle. 

An interesting feature is that each such land has a separate server where players can create their own metaverse with their own laws and economy. The ecosystem includes Metamon World and MetaCasa games, as well as an NFT marketplace.

The popularity of the metaverse was brought by a strong team consisting of celebrities, athletes, and even NASA scientists. 

One of the co-founders of the project is American rap star French Montana. Its role is to create involvement in the ecosystem. created a virtual world gallery, concert hall, conference rooms and more for this initiative. All this to distribute content with a rapper. NFT tokens are also included here.

Tracey Phanara, environmental scientist at NOAA and NASA employee, will create a virtual corner for all those who yearn to gain scientific knowledge. 

Sébastien Buemi, a race car driver from Switzerland, will create a racing game experience inside the USM and racing-related NFT collections.

Johannes Ludwig, Olympic luge champion, will create the Luge Stadium sports metaverse and expand it into the NFT collection later this year. 

Kaylyn Whitney, Olympic sprint champion, will create her own digital avatar to support enthusiasts like her. 

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